emailable banners (static & animated)
Since an average office worker reportedly receives 121 emails a day, it’s important to have an eye catching email banner if you want someone to take notice of it! 
When designing an email banner it’s at the forefront of my mind that people may only cast their eye over the banner for a split second, so it needs to get across the main message in an instant. My aim is to come up with a design that is distinctive and will keep peoples’ attention for that bit longer than average, hopefully causing them act on the message of the banner! 
When animation is involved in email banners, I’m aware that any flashing elements on emails that aren’t the sole focus of the email, or that aren’t used for a one-time email, can sometimes be annoying for the recipient. In the animated gif underwater scene shown here, I set out to achieve a subtle ‘twinkling’ effect, aiming to draw attention due to it’s charm– as opposed to any potentially irksome flashing – once noticed in the email.

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