infographics: generally posters or book spreads
I love how infographics give designers like me a chance to play Dr Jekyll, working on our concept until we have ‘the Frankenstein moment’ as we bring the words and facts to life on the page!
In the case of UCAS infographic project, my role was to help the poor lambs of today cope with the nail biting, shredded nerves, goggle-eyed looks and twitches from 12 straight hours of revision, in the form of a handy infographic poster, so I happily obliged! The poster explains the A Level and UCAS application process along the students’ final year-long journey from college to university.
I knew that the most important thing for the poster was to ensure that every student could understand what was going to happen, and when, so clarity was key. I also wanted to make the poster a little bit fun, so that it felt less intimidating. I came up with the idea of a UCAS application production line, where the year was geared towards university and there were lots of steps along the production line to get to that point. The production line comprises of icons and colours, all organized into groups. I felt that this would help students see similar types of information faster and understand their deadlines and goals more clearly.

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