competition brief: re-imagine Doritos’ branding and packaging
Tasty, tangy, tortilla goodness… Mmm… but how do you re-imagine something we’re so used to in a way that is interesting enough to warrant the change, yet still as practical to use for consumers? 
Doritos is a mainstream grab-on-the-go snack favourite, which rivals Walkers et al in the shopping aisles. In contrast, other tortilla chip brands sit patiently on the shelves waiting to be allied with dips, bought only in conjunction with one another. Although tortilla chips are almost universally triangular, Doritos is the only mainstream brand that is, and so my concept centres on what I believe is Doritos’ USP within it’s market; it’s triangular shape.
Focusing on the triangle, I designed a fresh new look for the range, which is still recognizable as Doritos but is more playful in it’s visual. The singular chip packets are held as you would a cone and fit together via perforation as a multipack, eradicating the need for an outer bag; a timely suggestion as the world begins to understand the catastrophic impact of our plastic disposal.
Next came the Doritos Share Box, a new concept to add to Doritos’ offering. A triangular-shaped box, which comprises of a central triangle containing a portion of dip and then an outer triangle filled with chips.
To complete the product range, I also suggested another new product idea, called the Doritos Flavour Lab. A futuristic triangular pyramid-shaped product comprising of a tray sectioned into three triangles at the bottom and see-through pyramid walls. Each of the three triangular tray sections contains a portion of different Doritos dips, allowing consumers to try different flavours without having to buy large pots of dips that won’t necessarily be eaten. 
The intriguing, futuristic packaging would allow Doritos to charge a premium price for the three dip samples, as well as introducing consumers to more of their product range. At the same time, consumers would also be provided with a fun, ‘showstopper’ product that allowed them to save money in the present by not buying three large pots of dips, and save them money in the future as they would know which of the Doritos dips was their favourite.

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