A5 invitation / paper engineered pop-up element
Seeking a bobby dazzler of a party invitation for their 30th birthday, a lovely client asked me to create an invite that reflected the theme of their party; a pop-up event. 
This set my mind racing with creative ways to answer the brief, mostly focusing on ways that the invitation itself could incorporate a pop-up element. Since many pop-up designs require a die-cut, some of the ideas would’ve been too costly as I needed to be mindful of the budget and the print run was small-scale. I settled on an idea where I could print the invite as an A5 sheet, with extremely subtle marks on the back for cutting (with a scalpel) and folding, to achieve a pop-up invite on a budget! 
The design enhances the pop-up theme of the party with the words ‘pops up’ being written on the stand out element. The colour palette and fonts are fresh and fun, also reflecting both the party and the client’s personality.

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