paperback / flap pocket at back / die-cut press-out timeline and dinosaurs / 40 pages
Hands up who has book envy for their younger-self over this one?! Me too, I would’ve loved a pop out timeline with all the dinosaurs I could dream of as a kid! 
In order to create the spread designs for the book, I was supplied with the timeline and single dinosaur illustrations, so I set about creating ‘habitats’ for the dinosaurs to occupy from these, such as the cave and land scenes. Next came their props; the stone info ‘slabs’ and all of the other fossil and bone paraphernalia that they interact with too. Once I’d created these, I added everything together so that the whole book appeared fully illustrated. I felt that this would make for a less ‘textbook-like’ design, which would encourage kids to learn and maximize the fun-factor!

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